Wholegrain Digital's Employee Activism policy

There is a lot packed in here and in the links in the post:

just as a few examples, we launched a campaign for businesses to become carbon negative back in 2008, way before concepts like Net Zero were on anyone’s minds. We’ve been pioneers in greening the web, and we’ve introduced innovative sustainability policies like our no fly policy. We’ve also tried to look beyond our direct impact as a company and support employees to reduce their own environmental impact – using Climate Perks to support holidays without air travel, incentivizing employees to use renewable energy at home and using the Do Nation platform to inspire personal action.

As we think about our own DEI policies in a more holistic manner, there is some stuff in here that can serve as inspiration and examples.

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Very interesting read.

I wonder how they define non-violent direct action because back in the day, Animal Liberation Front considered fire-bombing buildings non-violent as long as no one was hurt in the process and animals were liberated. There must be limits to what a business can endorse.

It’s good they’re spelling out what can be used for paid time off too. For protest but also for extending travel time (to use train or boat travel instead of a flight) and other personal needs. As we’ve discussed @chadkoh having everything written out as a policy (instead of informal process of telling someone to take time off) is important for DEI – not everyone is comfortable making their needs public and having a written policy in place makes it easy to say, for example, “I’m taking a paid day off for activism.”

One final note: the conference they produce, Goodfest, is along the lines of conferences I feel like Fission could attend and provide public outreach for possible solutions (or at least possible future-solutions) to the climate emergency. Non-technical presentations for a non-tech audience. Spread the word of the things Fission and the PLN work on to help with awareness.