WNFS DB API aka "WNDB" Research & Design Session

By request from the Fission Demo Day, we’re going to kick off research & design sessions with the wider community on the building blocks that we’re working on. We were surprised and delighted that people are interested!

@walkah is the lead on the WNFS database API, aka WNDB. This will be a kick off call to discuss the design goals. This will be fairly research oriented: you are participating in the design of database functionality in the webnative SDK, the API to use it for building apps, and the implementation in TypeScript or other languages of the design.

To prepare for the call, familiarize yourself with these resources:

We’re always happy to answer questions on these topics ahead of this kick off, post them in the comments or join us in Discord chat. We’ll work on putting public WNDB info all in one place :slight_smile:


  • WNDB Design Goals
  • Challenges + Questions to consider
  • Introductions, interests (discussion)
  • Next steps + Follow up

Note: We are always happy to interview developers building apps and what they want to see from a database layer, so please do book a user research time for that or post a feature request and tag it with #database or #wndb.


Follow up notes will go in the new Web Native Database category »