Work on your Writing Coworking

Let’s get together and work on our writing. This might be fiddling with your blog, sharing tips on tools and techniques, or just sitting down to finish working on something in your drafts folder.

This is an IndieWeb friendly space, so you’ll find people who can talk about / help with that / willing to experiment. Own your writing on your own site, and then cross post to larger social networks for distribution.

The MicroBlog service is a great way to get started if you don’t already have a website of your own.

Rescheduled! Jan 20th

It’s a snow day in Vancouver, so rescheduling for next week

@boris will host this at Fission’s meeting room at our live-work space on 250 East 6th at Main, 5:30pm - 7:30pm.

Feel free to participate “remotely” by joining us in our Discord chat.

Let us know you’re coming by leaving a comment below.

Huzzah! Will participate with Alex, though we might be a virtual beam-in from Burnaby depending on how plans shape up :slight_smile:

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Heya. I’m trying to end a year of writers block so will join you if that’s OK. :slight_smile:

It’s absolutely OK :wink:

I am coming.

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Great! See you soon!