Work with Fission: Filecoin Backup App Implementation in Svelte or React

We are looking for a front end developer to work with us on implementation of an open source Backup App for Filecoin.

You will have shipped apps in Svelte or React. We’re looking for an excuse to work with Svelte, so bonus points if you’ve worked with this framework.

You don’t need any experience with IPFS, Filecoin or other blockchain systems, but having an interest in this and private key infrastructure will help in understanding the user flows required.

Bonus points if you enjoy design, product flows, and working on a community focused open source project.


We have a high level outline of our deliverables for this grant-funded project.

We are connecting Fission’s webnative SDK with Filecoin accounts, so users can connect to Filecoin and pay to have their data stored by the network. This is all done in the browser without plugins, and has to be done securely.

The goal of this backup app is to showcase the R&D we’ve done to make this possible, and to use it as a starting point for other Filecoin-connected web apps.

As the front end lead, you’ll define the front end stack in either Svelte (which we’d love an excuse to work more with) or React, and integrate it with Fission’s webnative SDK which adds auth, a secure file system, and other components.

@benjaminbollen is the R&D lead and will be supporting you in this, and @boris is helping out with product flows and communications. You’ll be supported by the rest of platform engineering team in being successful with our stack.


This is a contract / freelance position.

This is a remote position, and our current team is distributed across multiple time zones. Being comfortable with written English for communicating here in the forum and in our Discord chat channel is important.

If you’re interested in this project, please get in touch, ideally with a link to previous work, portfolio, or GitHub repos. Want more info? Join our Discord chat and talk to @boris.