Work with Fission: Front End Implementation - HTML/CSS, Eleventy (Contract)

We are looking for a front end web designer to work with us on implementation of a new home page. You should be comfortable with creating HTML/CSS based on designs, and work with designers and the marketing team to implement and iterate on the design.

You know at least enough javascript to work with templating languages. Bonus points if you’re comfortable writing small functions to power interactive features on the site.

We’re currently looking at Eleventy for the front end implementation, deployed on Fission, combined with using Ghost as the Headless CMS to be able to edit and update content for the site.

You will have worked with Eleventy before OR you’ve worked with Ghost + some other front end stack – e.g. React + Ghost (example with NextJS).

OR, pitch us a different way of doing this :slight_smile:

Bonus points if you’ve worked on theming a Discourse forum, or at least aren’t afraid to learn it and figure it out!


The current Fission home page is a simple Elm application. The Fission blog is powered by Ghost, which we run on Heroku.

We’ve done an initial test of using the eleventy + ghost starter template (Github source here), and deployed it to Fission here

Since that seems to work well, we’re currently thinking to continue in this direction.

Eleventy supports a number of different templating languages, the starter kit happens to use nunjucks, but we’re open to having you use whatever you feel comfortable with.


This is a contract / freelance position. We’d love to find someone who can work with the marketing team on maintaining the website and HTML/CSS design / implementation over time.

This is a remote position, and our current team is distributed across multiple time zones. Being comfortable with written English for communicating here in the forum and in our Discord chat channel is important.

If you’re interested in this project, please get in touch, ideally with a link to previous work, portfolio, or GitHub repos. Want more info? Join our Discord chat and talk to @boris.