Work with Fission: TypeScript Engineer (Contract)

We are looking for a developer to work with us on research and implementation of distributed systems and cryptography heavy specifications.

The title is maybe a bit unusual, but it says what we’re looking for: someone who is interested in working on cryptography while shipping web apps.

Our SDK and apps operate entirely client side. We make heavy use of the Web Crypto API and other facilities available in modern browsers.

You’re going to need to have a working knowledge of how and when to use symmetric, public key, and elliptic curve cryptography. You might like @dholms’s blog post on Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

We’re working on a Filecoin grant to connect Fission with Filecoin accounts. You can read more about the grant proposal here in the forum. This is the first project you would be working on.

You need to be experienced with TypeScript and type driven development broadly. Our webnative SDK is written in TypeScript and will be a primary dependency for the project. Fission uses type driven development to eliminate entire classes of bug, but also means designing reliable, expressive types, and not falling back to any, except in extreme cases.

This could be an intermediate or more senior position. We’re a team that works on supporting each other and growing our skills. You are joining a small team as one of the first group of hires, so you will need to be comfortable being self-guided.

Some experience with at least one front end framework – such as React, Vue, Ember, Svelte etc. – is also required. You don’t need to do the design, but you do need to be comfortable with implementing the front end, especially integrating our SDK.

Exposure to and experience with distributed systems, IPFS, or blockchain systems would be helpful, but not necessary.

Done some code in GoLang, Rust, or WASM? Total bonus points! Or, you know, just being interested in these things and potentially wanting to learn them is good too. Exposure to languages outside the JavaScript ecosystem, and an interest in programming language theory is supported and encouraged here!

This is currently listed initially as a short term 3-4 month contract, but we would be looking to have this person join the team full time if there is a fit. The position can be fully remote, we are a distributed team across three timezones, including Vancouver, Canada (Pacific), Missouri (Central), and Belgium (Central Europe).

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You can always join the Fission Discord chat and talk to @boris or @expede if you have questions and want to find out more.