Alcro, a Rust library for building desktop apps

Using electron, desktop apps can be created for Mac, Windows and Linux easily using JS and HTML. But in electron the chrome browser is bundled so each app has it’s own copy of chrome. Even though webview exists, in Windows it uses Internet Explorer so modern JS,HTML or CSS cannot be used. Also different browsers have to be supported.

Webview can be used to create desktop apps but I came across a go library called Lorca.It uses the existing chrome installation and communicates with it using the devtools protocol [using websockets]. So I created a Lorca like library for rust called alcro.

I forgot to mention one of the main features of alcro. Rust code can call JS code and rust functions can be exposed to js. The exported functions are asynchronyous. So the logic of the app can be written in rust and rendered using the browser.

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