Tauri Studio - Native desktop apps with webview, NodeJS, and Rust

Tauri is a toolkit that helps developers make applications for the major desktop platforms - using virtually any frontend framework in existence. The core is built with Rust and the CLI leverages Node.js making Tauri a genuinely polyglot approach to creating and maintaining great apps.

Today, Tauri uses Rust for the backend - but in the not too distant future, other backends like Go, Nim, Python, Csharp etc. will be possible. This is because we are maintaining the offical Rust bindings to the webview organisation and plan to let you switch out the backend for your needs. Since our API can be implemented in any language with C interop, full compliance is only a PR away.


Found via the Alcro tweet thread.

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I tried the sample app on MacOS, but I’m still on High Sierra 10.13.6 on my home machine, and it needs a minimum of amount of MacOS Mojave 10.14. Since MacOS Catalina 10.15 is the current version, this is probably fine :slight_smile:

Will have to think about what a “minimal” test app looks like. Not sure if menubar apps, as are available with Electron, are possible.

For comparison, I did see a note in Alcro that systray apps need additional crates.

I had go at installing the birthday example but got this

It may be the problem is with my broken windows
or some missing prerequisite


I’ll try it on my Windows laptop this week and see where I get to. Well, or rather, I’ll try it on the Ubuntu WSL2 side, since I don’t do native Windows development :slight_smile: