Antwerp Tech Organizations and Meetups

We’re organizing a couple of Decentralized Web Meetups in Europe in November , including Antwerp on Nov 20th — which you can sign up for here — and are researching local meetups. Please add your own!


Dev groups / Programming languages

Blockchain / Decentralized Web


Via Via

We can accommodate meetings, receptions, birthdays, family gatherings, travel presentations, info moments, courses, workshops,…

Mezzanine – 1st floor

Open multi-functional area suitable for groups of up to 45 people. We can accommodate groups from 20-30 participants for intimate buffet dinners. Free use of area. Beamer and sound system available.

Intimo – 2nd floor

Closed off quiet area for up to 30 people. Beamer and sound system are provided. Coffee/tea and water available. 30EUR/half day – 50EUR/whole day.

Bib – 1st floor

Open accessible area for up to 10 people. Perfect for informal gatherings, Skyping the home front, travel arrangements,… free, beamer available.

Free Wi-Fi throughout the building.


toitoiDROME is an artist run media space and collective based in Borgerhout, Antwerp.

Zendelingenstraat 38, 2140 Borgerhout

Fits about 30 people.

I know the people behind Fullstack Antwerp, in case you want to contact them.

@icidasset I spoke briefly with Dries V from Fullstack Antwerp but I think he thought we were very cryptocurrency focused. Please do intro him to me.