November Europe Meetups

@expede is in Europe for most of November. We are looking at kicking off decentralized web meetups, meeting local developers, startups, and anyone interested in developer tools and emerging decentralized web products.

At each meetup, Brooke will be presenting InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) 101, and how Fission uses it to let you build hostless web apps that go live from your laptop.

We’ll be joined by local and remote speakers at each location, and will keep updating this page as we confirm timing and location. The full list of events is on our Tito page, and you can sign up now as we finalize venues & dates


Can you help make introductions? Use this text:

Fission is running Decentralized Web Meetups across Europe during the month of November. We’re looking for speakers, sponsors, and local collaborators to participate. Do you have a venue or a meetup you can host us with? Do you want to send along swag, have a remote dial in speaker, or join us in person? We’d love to talk to you.

Anyone that’s interested can sign up on our event pages now, and we’ll notify as we get venue, timing, and other speakers finalized:


Brooke is speaking at OREDEV in Malmö, Sweden, Nov 6th - 8th

Nov 11th – 15th: Open Week in Berlin

Stay tuned! We’ll be talking to our friends in Berlin about meetups and some coworking. Placeholder date is Thursday Nov 14th

Nov 20th: Antwerp, Belgium

Nov 27th - Nov 29th: Amsterdam, Netherlands

BEAM is Nov 28th. Meetup is on Nov 29th. Sign up:

I will look at our ambassadors and see who could help in those cities - Copenhagen and Prague we have contacts. Haja networks are also in Finland, maybe they could collaborate.

Spoke to Parity today and they have a space in Berlin that can be used for meetups for free so that could be a good space.

Aron can definitely help run the one in Amsterdam.

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One other thought - we are looking at a meet up in SF for SFBW would likely be on 28th/29th October no plans confirmed yet but wanted to put on your radar

Perfect, thank you. That’s an easy flight for us, so could be something that I and/or @bnchrch come down for.

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Great. So far Sovrin, Cosmos and Agoric all seem keen, I’m working on a potential venue with Sovrin then we can co-ordinate with all parties