Anybody want to share their thoughts on free and open source sustainability?

Hey Fission Community!

Reaching out here to see if anybody is interested in having a chat with me about free and open source sustainability as part of a user research session for a project called Radicle. Some more on the project:

Radicle is a code collaboration platform that doesn’t rely on intermediaries. It’s a peer-to-peer network built on top of Git. Unlike GitHub or GitLab, you can use Radicle without relying on a central server or trusting a third party. Because Radicle is p2p, there’s no hassle setting up your own hosting, and no need to trust companies with your data. It also means that your issues, comments and reviews are cryptographically signed and live on your machine. Everything is always available—even offline.

In addition to peer-to-peer code collab, the tech behind Radicle gives us the ability to experiment with direct value exchange without intermediaries. We want to design feature sets that give developers new ways to monetize their work, grow supportive communities, and ultimately, sustain their open source work. We’re looking to chat with open source maintainers and developers and gather feedback on some of our early prototypes (a sneak peek below :wink:)!

If anybody is interested, just respond here or email me at! Would be really great to get some feedback from the Fission community :pray:



I have GITHUB STAR where is MONEY???

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