Radicle secure p2p code collaboration and Open Source Sustainability, Abbey Titcomb

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Secure peer-to-peer code collaboration without intermediaries.

We’ve known the Radicle team for a while, and recently @abbeytitcomb was asking for more feedback on some of their plans:

We’ve invited Abbey Titcomb @abbey_titcomb to come chat with us, tell us about Radicle and their work around open source sustainability and direct payments.



Video on IPFS


Thanks @abbeytitcomb for presenting!

Fission uses DIDs as did:key – if y’all use a similar format, there is an opportunity for interop.

Our whitepaper section on identity: https://whitepaper.fission.codes/identity/id-overview

UCAN is what @expede designed in order to handle OAuth-like scenarios with DIDs and no central server.

Also in the whitepaper: https://whitepaper.fission.codes/access-control/ucan/ucan-tokens, plus a more high level blog post.

Documenting the idea I had about using Radicle:

What if “issues” could be implemented in the “front end” of an app?

  • floating comment / thumbs up / message icon
  • users are invited to file bug reports, send messages of encouragement, or feature requests
  • app could display a feature request list / voting
  • same model for donation

What if Radicle used funding.yml?

  • can we all start supporting funding.yml as part of default app scaffolding?
  • it’s a very simple format and Github already lets you add arbitrary custom links to – no reason we can’t “overload it” and make different items possible
  • I did this last year by adding a custom link to Gitcoin

I’ve also always thought that funding.yml might also be paired with FUNDING.md as a default file, and could talk about the intent of the person. e.g.

Bob maintains this library for his own needs. Donations are welcome but not necessary. Paid support or feature requests can be considered, please contact Bob if interested


Alice maintains this application as her day job. Your donations and commercial license purchases enable her to work on it full time, keep it bug free, and implement new features. Donations, sponsorships, and professional support, as well as custom development and implementation, are all available through Alice and the partners listed below.

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Video Recording Pinned on my laptop so I can play it without lag