April 9th Show & Tell Edition

We’re going to do a Show & Tell Edition!

Leave a comment about a topic, an app, an idea, a short demo or something else that you want to talk about.

Join us for a Zoom video on Thursday, April 9, 2020 4:00 PM – calls go for an hour and a bit, please bring your questions and share what you’re working on if you like as well.

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/116710002 (visit our Discord chat for password)

I intend to present the key concept behind the Architecture for @TrailMarks

show and tell the current development of the vision for

Weaving a People-Centered, Polycentric, Autonomous Web of (Inter)(Personal) Tinkerable, Interoperable, hostless, IndieWeb Native Capabilities http://linkedin.com/in/gyuri-lajos/

How we started to use https://www.hylo.com/ a Web 2.5
centralized platform that is open to Web 3.0
to create a community around TrailHub powered by TrailHub
that provides a conduit to the (decent)ralised World of TrailMarks, such that each participant own their contribution and maintain their own personal, emergent, slef-organizing network of live eventually updating social knowledge network anchored in existing cetralized networks, hence forming a new Polycentric world.
Very much in the spirit of FISSION.codes
Hopefully by the end of today, there will be an end to end example to show n tell about.

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