Automator Script for Drag and Drop Publishing for MacOS


Users follow basic instructions to brew install fission, and run fission setup to get an account.

After that, they drag and drop files on the automator script, and it runs fission app register (creates a new sunny-wide-monk app) and fission publish.

The URL is copied to clipboard / optionally opened in default browser.

User Impact

Who would want to use this and why?

We want to explore showing non-coding users how they can use Fission’s instant app publishing to be the fastest way to get things online on the web.

Non-developers – early adopter “tinkerers”, designers, and other primarily non-code folks who don’t write code / apps from scratch.

Want to publish stuff (files, images, web pages, whatever – although likely skewed to images / screenshots) that is “owned” by them, rather than using imgur or other systems.


Single App Watch Mode

Several people have said to me “an app for every upload??” but that was a) me looking at the simplest way that we already have built in that would “just work” and b) realizing that “apps are free”.

Another method would be to have a little bit more setup. A single app, the Automator script runs fission in “watch” mode, and files are copied into a build folder on drag and drop – maybe enclosed into an auto-named folder by date or something? – and instantly uploaded.

On MacOS, you can set screenshots location, so this can also be used to create an auto-screenshot-uploader – with the caveat that they are all live and public, so the drag and drop version gives a little more control :slight_smile:

Landing Page Mode

Combine with an index.html template, create a thumbnail of any files that are images, and do a little grid layout. Instant branded image / file / asset sharing.

Integrate with IPFS Photo Gallery

Paging @patdryburgh :slight_smile:

This exists! Created by @walkah, we have the very simple Fission Drop:

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