Berlin Blockchain Week 2022 Roundup

Some of the Fission team is in Berlin for the week, and here are a selection of events we’ll be at.

Check out the Berlin Blockchain week page for a full list of events:

Sunday, Sept 11th

Monday, Sept 12th

Dappcon goes Monday to Wednesday. Come say hi and grab some stickers for #walletauth and more.

Tuesday, Sept 13th

Dappcon continues


Radical Sovereignty Workshop at #c-base

Wednesday, Sept 14th

Dappcon final day


Breaking Digital Borders: Scaling User-Owned Data from Zero to One Million

Thursday, Sept 15th

CASA during the day:

And anyone is free to join the CASA Social and Merge celebration at C-Base in the evening:

Friday, Sept 16th

The Fission team has space booked at the Full Node Coworking space during the day. Let us know if you want to meet.

Also hosting a FIL Accounts working group session:

In the evening, join us for a Fission social with Poutine:

Saturday, Sept 17th

Sunday, Sept 18th

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