Berlin Highlights & Recommendations



Close to AirBnB from our Oct 2019 trip.

The Barn

Five Elephants


Some are actual coworking spaces, some are just cafes that are well setup for working out of.

R&D Coffee

Part of Silicon Allee complex of startups and investors. Power at each seat, wifi, decent coffee (including espresso tonic) and some light snacks. Beer on tap.

Chausseestraße 19, 10115 Berlin


Two locations:

  • Kreuzberg - Rudi-Dutschke-Str 23 – this is the one we were at, has a nice cafe downstairs too; bookable meeting rooms, otherwise 15EU per person per day, includes coffee/tea
  • Neukolln - Harzer Straße 39


Delhi 6

Ask for “desi style” if you want regular spice levels, rather than not-spicy-at-all German style.

Osmans Töchter

High end Turkish small plates & good cocktails.


We haven’t tried these yet :slight_smile: