Location Brief: Berlin

A list of venues for events and coworking in Berlin

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Rheinsberger Str. 76/77

Görlitzer Park

Lohmühlenstraße 65

@boris: we ran RUN EVM here. Team was super professional and the experience was completely turn key with catering and presentation screens and audio and everything, all included.

Friends Space

@boris: Berlin Open Source Salon was here in August 2019. Very flexible space, would be good for multiple talks with silent disco headphones, Great professional crew there.


Some are actual coworking spaces, some are just cafes that are well setup for working out of, and some can be used for events_

Full Node

@boris: We ran CoreDevs Berlin here, as well as Ethereum Meetup and post RUN EVM reception.

Crypo-centric coworking and event space in Berlin.

Day (30EU) and Week (100EU) Passes available https://www.fullnode.berlin/membership/.

R&D Coffee

Part of Silicon Allee complex of startups and investors. Power at each seat, wifi, decent coffee (including espresso tonic) and some light snacks. Beer on tap.

Chausseestraße 19, 10115 Berlin


Two locations:

  • Kreuzberg - Rudi-Dutschke-Str 23 – this is the one we were at, has a nice cafe downstairs too; bookable meeting rooms, otherwise 15EU per person per day, includes coffee/tea
  • Neukolln - Harzer Straße 39


Hacker space, can be used for meetups and events, also can hang out at tables / wifi at the back next to canal when it’s not open.

Ligi is our main contact there.


Coworking and makerspace, including rapid prototyping


Location in Kreuzberg but also locations in the UK
Lobeckstraße 36-40, 10969 Berlin, Germany


Location in Berlin (but also other cities in Germany and globally)
Skalitzer Straße 104, 10997 , Berlin

co.up Community

Community-based coworking and creative spaces. They also host events and workshops.
Adalbertstraße 8, 10999 Berlin

Cherry Ventures Office

Monadic Offices