Choose Your Yak

We’ve completed our voting for developer concepts to illustrate, and we got the first round of illustrations to represent Yak shaving from @brunomonts:

Please vote for your favourite yak. Bruno will iterate and finalize on the chosen option, including colouring.

Please also leave comments on changes / updates / suggestions that you have for the final image.

  • Yak A
  • Yak B
  • Yak C

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I’m so happy yak shaving won!

I like the frame around [B] but think the head from [C] looks a bit better. The suspicious angry eye is pretty great though.


It’s clear that Yak B is the winner here, with the Twitter poll also having B out in front:

  • Yak A - 1
  • Yak B - 8
  • Yak C - 7

So we’ll move on to finalizing B.

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