Constellation Providers Lightning Talk at Decentralized Storage Summit

I presented at the Decentralized Storage Summit in Berlin, which took place during Berlin Blockchain Week 2019 at the Technical University Berlin. Rather than a pitch for Fission, I gave a brief lightning talk on how we can evolve the business models, user messaging, and software architecture to build distributed Constellation Providers.

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This is the hymn sheet to sing from together.
Wish I had found it earlier.

Here is an extant link to
Cryptographic Autonomy License version 1.0 (CAL-1.0)

I remember when it got approved

Been following Holo for a long time.
Admire the scope of their vision, but always thought there must be a better way to create autonomous networks of users and capability providers allowing both to benefit from the emergent network effect without the high barrier of entry of adopting an enclosed ecosystem platform like Holo.

The concept of WebNative Constellation Providers described here fits that bill
allow open co-evolution of a trully open ecosystem with a low barrier of entry:
for users “What if all you need is a browser and an intermittent internet connection”
to start with and for developers just install and enjoy the benefit of
offline first development, having authentication, licensing, micro-payment etc all taken care of, bootstrap co-evolve, complete not compete!

Holo went astray, because they conceptualized the problem as having to create an

internet of agents and humans instead of focusing on the Human first.

The same mistake that the Semantic Web Made, giving priority to Machines First.

Fission’s Vision puts Humans First.

Now Humans are not only intellegent but capable of adapting to limitations inconsistencies keep up with change and even contribute improvements and autonomous creation.

In short, here is the WebNative technological layer/kernel that is needed to complete the project we set out a year or so ago:

aiming to create an Internet of Autonomous People and co-evolving Capabilities that Augment human intellect and enhanced Software to support as Conversations



:blush: glad you like it

Our biggest challenge is sharing these concepts and having people understand them.

I don’t totally know how we’re going to do the constellation provider network – but connecting in end user resources as well as other super peers seems like something we can figure out.

It’s more than like it. You are preaching to the already converted.
Being at the “conceptual leading edge” is not a crowded space.
But you and @expede are doing great, a nice double act really.
I am still digesting and envisioning how with my pure client/dev perpective can be dove tailed with what you are building.

I haven’t finished with this yet. I think I skimmed it long time ago but did not take time to listen to the talk. Excellent. You are executing on a clear vision.

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