Renaming the SDK to webnative, explaining the background

First of all, an announcement that we’ve renamed ts-sdk to just “webnative”. This has been updated on the Github repo GitHub - fission-suite/webnative: Fission's browser SDK, and we have the package name on NPM as well.

Our intent is for this to be open source and standards based. It works hand in hand with the Fission hosting platform, but it’s also an app building framework that runs anywhere, or host your own platform components. We want to be a constellation provider, not a single source cloud provider (see presentation by Boris on this).

The developer docs are light, but I have started a conceptual starting point on the Guide

Writing about how login works both technically and conceptually is also related:

And yes, the file system we’re also calling “Web Native File System”, or #WinFS, which got presented last week:

Thanks for your patience and interest as we roll this out and document it. Looking forward to a few web native sample apps :slight_smile: