Fission Demo Day December 2020

We’re doing a Demo Day with a side of product info and roadmap details!

Come join us right before peak winter holidays and get live demos of products, apps, and examples we’ve built, what’s available for users and developers alike, and what we’ve got planned for Fission in 2021.

  • Overview of Fission Product & Platform, @boris
  • Team Intros
  • Product & Platform Demos
  • App Demos

Overview of Fission Product & Platform

Boris will give an overview of the company, some of our core mission, and progress to date.

Team Intros

Meet the team – we’ve grown a bit, and you’ll say hello to @SuSkerl (Vancouver :canada:), @walkah (Toronto :canada:), and @benjaminbollen (Berlin :de:), plus the OG crew of @dholms (Missouri :us:), @icidasset (Belgium :belgium:), plus founders @boris (Vanouver :canada:) & @expede (Vancouver :canada:).

Diffuse & Drive Demos

Steven @icidasset will demo Diffuse, his decentralized music player, now integrated with Fission. @boris will showcase Fission Drive, also built by Steven.

Product & Platform

Learn about what we’ve built, and how to get started using it.


Using the Fission CLI to publish an app, and the features of the Webnative SDK, presented by James @walkah


An overview of the Fission tech stack and technical roadmap, presented by Brooklyn @expede

What’s Next

  • App Cloning
  • Platform Superpowers
  • Sponsored Apps

App Demos

Moon Forge

@bgins will show off Moon Forge


@gyuri-lajos will demo his TrailHub MindDrive work

Photo Gallery

@patdryburgh has worked with the Fission system since the very early days, when we just had a Heroku add-on :slight_smile: He’ll be showing the work he’s done in putting together a photo gallery on Fission.


@samuelandert is building Omo, a digital UBI system based on the Circles codebase. They’ve integrated Ethereum and are making heavy use of all of Fission’s features.

Join us: Thursday, December 17, 2020 5:00 PM

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom (join our Discord chat if any issues connecting)

RSVP to get a calendar :calendar: invite by email :email: »

For those of you who use it, we have also put the event on LinkedIn »

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Hi @boris

Would like to demo @TrailHub1 pilot MindDrive HubLet as a minimum on demo day

Within TrailHub we are exploring in practice issues discussed Where does data live on your filesystem?

Great! Do you have a live app or GitHub page? You can post links here or send them to me direct and I’ll add you to the list.

I do have a live app with issues need more work.
Should post details over the weekend.

Will be presenting a technology demonstrator of an end-to-end first slice pilot based on @fissionbot for @TrailHub1 with MindDrive at its core.
Time to revive this 5 years old project MindDrive and re-brand it accordingly:


Here is the link to my 5 and a bit long demo

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Aw I missed this… The ‘Join us’ time might have a bug. It says starting at 3pm in Sao Paolo (my nearest timezone) but I think it should have been 2pm.

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Ah, that’s too bad! That top one come from your browser / OS – not sure how to troubleshoot that? I did some searches, looks like this is a known issue. Sorry about that!

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