Newsletter: Fission December 2020 Updates & Demo Day Invite

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To wrap up the year, we want to share our progress in building out the Fission platform, and the webnative SDK that front end developers can build apps with, as well as invite you to join us next Thursday for a live demo session over video.

Fast App Publishing Platform & webnative SDK

We’ve had developers publish over 700 apps, and make over 1100 updates to those apps. Our core publishing platform can get an app online, including sign up, in 5 minutes.

The real magic comes from integrating our webnative SDK. You can read more in our recent blog post, Introducing Web Native Apps. Using a web native app is more like installing an app. It uses your local identity, your files, and in many cases can even run offline. It is using your browser as an operating system.

But we’re not just a pretty tech face: we’re aiming to be a full web app marketplace, helping developers build, host, and ultimately sell apps.

A front end developer doesn’t have to become a back end developer: they can use Fission’s webnative code to add these features, and launch an app that can be used by 10 or 10,000 people – your own SaaS business. Get started with the developer guide »

Fission Drive

Our last product update – pre pandemic! – had a Drive preview that showed browsing files on the distributed web. We invite you to sign up for a web-based Fission account and try out your own version of Fission Drive:

Every Fission account has an end-to-end encrypted file system attached, making it a bit like an open source iCloud. Right now, consider this a beta for private files. They are fully encrypted, and even we can’t retrieve them for you if you lose your keys. We’re working on a trustless account recovery process, at which point we’ll take off the beta label knowing that you won’t lose data.

Please do use the account linking feature to connect a second device – your desktop if you signed up on mobile, or your mobile if you’ve tried it on desktop.

Fission Demo Day December 2020

We’re holding a team demo day over video on Thursday, Dec 17th, at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 1800 CET. We’re excited to intro some new team members and show off what’s been built with Fission!

Come join us right before peak winter holidays and get live demos of products, apps, and examples we’ve built, what’s available for users and developers alike, and what we’ve got planned for Fission in 2021.

If we don’t see you before the end of the year, we hope that you get some down time and can have a good slide into the new year! Book a time with us if you want to dig deeper into anything you’ve read, or hit reply to send us your comments and questions.

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