Fission’s Web Native File System Technical Design Overview with Daniel and Brooklyn

Join us for an overview of the file system that we’ve designed on top of IPFS, that we call WNFS, a Web Native File System, or “win-fs” for short.

We’ve designed the system to store metadata, encrypted private files, and offer a number of features for end users and developers using the file system to build web apps with a web native file system, where files are owned by users. This also leads to a style of single tenant architecture for web apps, but for this presentation we will focus mainly on the file system details.

The whitepaper includes some of the design but we are iterating quickly as we ship the first version as part of our Fission SDK.

This will be an overview with deep dive into technical design goals. A basic understanding of IPFS and IPLD will be assumed.

Daniel Holmgren @dholms and Brooklyn Zelenka @expede from the Fission team will be presenting the work.


Video on IPFS

The slides are available on Notist »

Slides PDF

Webcast by @dholms Screencast


wonderful presentation of WNFS. I had some silly n00b questions, but thought it was better to ask here, for re-usability of answers:

  • Carson referenced “josay / cosay” spec - Im mishearing this because google returns little on this; anyone knows what is being referenced?
  • Also referenced is 3box (/ now ceramic) IPFS specification encrypted IPLD data; anyone has a link to that?
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JOSE is a JWT-related RFC:

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thanks. From that “COSE” is the CBOR equivalent

I believe thats this, which is a level lower in the stack than WNFS:

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