Headless Ghost on Fission

We’re exploring figuring out the best way to combine the Ghost blogging engine deployed “headless” so that the front end is actually deployed on Fission.

Fission’s own blog https://blog.fission.codes runs on Ghost, and we’ve also got a 1-click deploy for Ghost on Heroku (that needs some updating!).

I searched around and found an Eleventy + Ghost starter kit and tested it. There is a test deploy on Fission here: https://obtuse-enormous-canvas-eagle.fission.app/

You can also use NextJS.

We’ll be writing up instructions and blog posts explaining Ghost + Fission in the next little while. If you have other resources or are interested in this topic, please leave links and comments.

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We published a blog post about Headless Ghost: Headless Ghost and Fission

Which has full tutorial on building a Next.js blog with Headless Ghost. Check out the repo: GitHub - fission-suite/nextjs-blog-starter-typescript-ghost

Woo hoo! Illustrations from @brunomonts

Headless Ghost - Black Background

Headless Ghost - White

Will get this added to the README