Headless Drupal

@walkah and I had a great catchup call with Dries Buytaert, leader of the Drupal project as well as commercial Drupal company Acquia.

He’s an old friend, so it was great to just chat, but we also talked about Fission, Headless Drupal, and how the Document Web vs the App Web are evolving.

We’re interested in exploring how Fission can be a great partner for Headless implementations – including Headless WordPress and Headless Ghost.

Dries pointed us at Tome, a static site generator for Drupal, for some of the things we had in mind for Drupal + Fission.

Last year, we released a Drupal IPFS module. We think IPFS and Fission are a great fit for Headless workflows. The editing backend can upload and manage assets directly to Fission, and then instead of having to download and republish them (or even worse, checking image assets into Git), the front end just links to them. With Fission they are in their final online location right from the beginning.

I also presented at Drupalcon remotely in July of 2020, focused on looking Drupal and the Decentralized Web:

We’ll use this post and the comments to gather more resources around Headless Drupal and integrating it with Fission.


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This is very good and points at where Drupal needs to head to.

He links to another post ideas@sullice.com

Finally, front-end developers who have learned to build applications backed by content repositories will be surprised if our design decisions run counter to their existing use cases.

This reminds me of Drupal’s “push” templatibf model vs WPs “pull” model. Feels like the same thing again.