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There is a WordPress plugin called Headless Trigger GitHub - nicoandrade/wp-headless-trigger: A plugin which helps you using WordPress as a Headless CMS

We can make a PR to add support for GitHub.

The team that built it has a post on WordPress plus Gatsby:

WPEngine, a large WP hosting provider, has a headless framework in alpha:

Has a plug-in, also requires the WP GraphQL plugin.

Uses Next.js for the front end.

See Getting Started Guide headless-framework/docs/getting-started at canary · wpengine/headless-framework · GitHub

New to me was Local, for local dev instances of WordPress https://localwp.com/

Wasn’t clear to me if Apollo GrpahQL was also needed or if this is just a client for build time?

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Gatsby uses Headless WordPress, plus Gatsby on the front end, for their blog:

hat tip @walkah

Also related to what we discussed @agentofuser, see https://www.gatsbyjs.com/headless-wordpress-webinar

  • How they increased page load speed 4X
  • What security vulnerabilities they faced in the past, and how the new website stack solved those problems

This is a whole starter kit for React and Next.ja. Of note, it has a JWT authentication plugins that could also be a fit for Webnative Auth.

Some versions of this require servers, need to see which parts of this can be fully client side.

Looks good! Will check it out

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