IPFS module for Drupal

We posted about ideas for a Drupal Fission IPFS module back in September 2019, and then started working on it by hiring Affinity Bridge in February 2020.

Floyd from Affinity Bridge did a bunch of background research on what was available in PHP and existing work in Drupal.

We ended up extending amateescu’s ipfs module to add support for the Fission API, so that people can get up and running quickly.

Note: we’re going to try and get this on Drupal.org as the IPFS module that’s there doesn’t have any code associated with it.

The S3 File System module and Flysystem module both suffer from core Drupal issues not being able to fully decouple the local file system.

It may make sense to contribute to Flysystem module development and push for those core patches / upgrades to help Drupal become more decoupled.

Demo Site

There is a demo site that Affinity Bridge is hosting:


If you’d like an account to experiment, leave a comment.