ItMe and SOLID Protocol, Travis Vachon

Travis Vachon of ItMe will present on the apps they are building, their approach to tech cooperatives, and how they are building on top of the SOLID Protocol.


Join us Thursday, February 4, 2021 5:00 PM


Chat Log

Chat Log
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00:29:44 Arne Hassel: There’s a couple of browser alternatives you might want. to check out:, and
00:31:00 Benjamin Bollen: so this needs a specific browser, or just to examine the RDF/ triplet store?
00:31:35 Arne Hassel: All of them run in normal web browsers - they’re simple web apps. But we usually call them Pod Browsers because they let you browse Solid Pods
00:31:50 Benjamin Bollen: right
00:32:46 Gyuri Lajos: pod the government issues you when you were born? did I hear correct>
00:35:13 Benjamin Bollen: can you store arbitrary data, or is it always as a triplet?
00:35:59 Arne Hassel: There’s also a list of Pod Management apps on Solid Applications · Solid
00:37:40 Arne Hassel: In theory you can upload any kinds of files to a Pod, but it depends a bit on the Solid server implementation. But it usually allows you to upload JSON files, simple text files, photos, and videos
00:41:27 Arne Hassel: There’s also active work being done in the Solid Authorization panel - GitHub - solid/authorization-panel: Github repository for the Solid Authorization Panel
00:50:37 Arne Hassel: You might be interested in SAFE Network on Solid:
00:53:34 Gyuri Lajos: Thanks
00:54:14 Arne Hassel: Shape Trees might also be of interest: Shape Trees Primer
00:56:06 Arne Hassel: I think it supports IRIs as well
00:56:49 Boris Mann: Yep, Internationalized Resource Identifier - Wikipedia
00:57:01 Boris Mann: That’s “internationalized” of URIs that go beyond English / ASCII
00:59:26 Fernando Aires: I was wondering how do you expand the value proposition (data ownership via solid+monetization) to non-tech oriented users. Is there a composing interface integrated on Other platforms?
01:07:25 Arne Hassel: Is the options for useThing a superset of the options for useSWR?
01:10:48 Benjamin Bollen: is there synchronicity, or consensus resolution or is this resolved by the pod server
01:11:03 Benjamin Bollen: … for multiple writers to the pod
01:14:39 Arne Hassel: SPARQL Update - SPARQL 1.1 Update