ODD SDK Passkey Syncing with Google Password Manager

Using the Android phone, we visit https://passkeys.fission.app (the version on @hugomrdias’s personal domain, passkey.hugodias.me) and create a new user with a passkey-based login.

The user is now logged in on Android phone and can upload and access files.

Switching over to Google Password Manager, we see that the passkey for passkey.hugodias.me has been saved and synced.

We can now switch to another Android mobile device (tablet on the left), and visit the same app, and get a prompt to use a saved passkey. A pin is used to unlock.

Once we’re logged in, we can see that the picture uploaded on phone is accessible on a tablet browser, synced through user WNFS files.

Github source: https://github.com/oddsdk/passkeys/ – examples directory has some apps.

See also PWA version: