ODD SDK Passkeys PWA and Sharing Demo

This shows going to the web at https://passkeys.fission.app using the Android Mobile emulator. hugo-sharing is logged in.

The website is a PWA that is installable on Android, so “Install app” is chosen from the Android Chrome browser menu.

This shows the demo and logo along with an Install button.

Once installed, you can see the ODD logo on the home screen and we launch it. We see that hugo-sharing is still logged in, as it uses the same context as the website version.

Switching to the Google Photos app, the Android share function is used. Selecting the installed ODD app uploads the photo into the user’s WNFS file system.

The share button again uses Android native share functionality, and we can share from the installed ODD PWA app, over to WhatsApp (or any other Android app).

See github source: https://github.com/oddsdk/passkeys/tree/main/examples/demo