Saasify: monetize APIs

Interesting open-source project for turning any REST API in any framework into a SaaS product: GitHub - saasify-sh/saasify: The easiest way to monetize your API. 🚀

They cite one live example by the prolific Sindre Sorhus:

Here is a live SaaS API and marketing site by Sindre Sorhus that was auto-generated with Saasify from this source code.

I guess it’s server-centric:

Some example use cases include:

  • Workflow automation (headless chrome / bots)
  • Image & media processing tasks
  • Data transformations
  • Low/no-code workflows
  • Pre-built machine learning models
  • Your NPM module or PyPi package?

I admire the amount of heavy-lifting that was done to make it very plug and play.


This is a bit like Manifold – which is sort of like “Heroku plugin marketplace as a service”, so somewhat similar. But less automated than this.

It starts bringing an immense amount of competition to companies that have entire teams built around, eg. image optimization. Let a thousand developer API businesses bloom!

I wonder if there’s also a “we’d like to host it ourselves as a business, but still pay you for support / contribute to you maintaining it” that Saasify has considered.

I recently saw this with Chatwoot (listed in the company stack wiki page), where you can pay them $49/month while you’re self hosting.

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Seems like it would be interested but it’s not on their roadmap at moment: Saasify

  • The ability to “eject” from our auto-generated frontend for full UI customizability.
  • Going from a “SaaS in a box” solution to offering embeddable SaaS components for any website.
  • Offering additional pre-built templates for common SaaS product patterns & verticals.
  • Offering additional product add-ons that every SaaS business needs to scale (e.g., CRM, analytics insights, support tools, marketing automation, etc.)
  • Building a community of successful indie makers who’ve bootstrapped their products with Saasify.
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Definitely lots in common with building #indiebiz community that I’m thinking about. Exciting times!

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