Simple IoT with Cliff Brake

Cliff Brake @cbrake has been checking out Fission for apps that he’s building, and we had a call to learn a bit more about his needs in building out IoT systems.

Simple IoT is his open source project:

Simple IoT is collection of building blocks to help you build custom IoT systems quickly, but yet provide full flexibility to customize the system. Many features such as device communication, device update, rules, user/group management, user portal, etc. are needed for every IoT system. This project provides a solid foundation of common features so that you can focus on the specific problem you are solving.

Github: GitHub - simpleiot/simpleiot: Simple IoT cloud/edge application/framework

It is written in Go on the backend and uses Elm on the front end.

We’ve asked him to join us to present Simple IoT, and IoT background topics more broadly, to learn about what he does, the kind of projects he works on, and the challenges faced.

Cliff also runs a Discourse forum and podcast for hardware/software engineers called TMPDIR that we’ve highlighted here, so I expect we’ll talk a bit about community and building software businesses as well.




Via @expede (and I think @walkah did a project with it as well I think?), Nerves is Elixir based stack for IoT

Lorawan is low power / long distance networks

And something I had checked out previously was The Things Network – their goal is to have a “commons infrastructure” that is regional / local that anyone can use, providing gateways.

Here’s the community in a couple of places:

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Sadly an unfinished project, but yeah… nerves is a very interesting (to me) project!