TMPDIR Hardware/Software Engineering Community

James @walkah and I had a great call with @cbrake this week about his IoT work and how Fission / IPFS might work for that. Was just looking through his company website, and discovered some great resources for supporting developers building software/hardware and building businesses around that.

TMPDIR is a community for engineers by engineers with a focus on open source, hardware/software product development, and all things related.

There’s a Discourse forum:

And also a podcast:

I’ve asked Cliff to come on one of our weekly video chats to talk about IoT, now that I know he’s a podcaster I’m going to ask about this TMPDIR community as well!

We’ll tag things like #indiebiz (and we’ve got the same channel in Discord chat). At some point we can turn that into it’s own category as well.

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@boris – thanks for the feedback and intro.

Anyone is welcome to join (or listen) in at TMPDIR discourse. One thing I really like about the Discourse platform is the low frequency summary emails – it is a nice way to keep plugged into a large number of communities without getting a lot of interruptions, or having to go to sites and click through a lot of conversations to see what is going on. Seems like a nice alternative to social media, or even linked-in, where it seems the goal is to maximize distraction.

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