Subscribing to content in the Talk forum by email and RSS

The Discourse software that powers this forum has lots of options to get notifications. You can turn on in browser notifications, you can subscribe by RSS, and you can choose email notifications.

Each topic and category has a little “bell” icon where you can control what kind of notifications you can receive.

Also, the Bookmark / Snooze function is pretty useful for sending yourself a future reminder, or just to collect interesting things on the forum here.

RSS Feeds

There are two main “firehose” feeds for the whole site:

There are also feeds available for every category. The #Discussion category is our default where most ongoing links and discussion takes place. The RSS feed for it is here:

The #events category is another good one to get a feed of:

Plus browse the site-wide events in calendar or agenda views. iCal and Calendar RSS feeds are also available.

And finally you can also get an RSS feed of tags, like the #meta tag that this post is in:


We irregularly send out #newsletter by email, both Fission Product Updates and #fissionfragments link newsletters.

You can subscribe on the Fission home page »

Hot dang! I’ve been subscribed to the daily summary (which is very handy), but would love an RSS feed. Too bad you can’t do an RSS feed of the summary :joy:

That said, I have probably missed a lot of replies and posts in general because I tend not to be in the right context when I see the summary, whereas I have an explicit intention to read when I’m in an RSS reader. Will give the firehoses a try :slight_smile: Thanks @boris!

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