System Diagram and Flows

We’ve got a system diagram and first draft of the flows between the components. This should be viewed alongside the following:

System Diagram

Live version on Whimsical »

User Assumptions

For users, the initial flow we’ll prioritize with these assumptions:

  1. Has a Filecoin Testnet Account / instructions to go get one

  2. Has some FIL in their account / instructions on where to get some

They sign up for a Fission account and link a Filecoin account.

Files can be uploaded through the browser to show an end to end loop.

Stretch features around entering an IPFS hash, large file uploads, etc.

Filecoin Backup App

Source on Github, can be deployed statically anywhere (other IPFS hosts, Github Pages, Netlify, etc).

Svelte app with Fission #webnative libraries, plus new webnative-filecoin plugin that works with the co-signer.

Co-Signer Service

Co-signs transactions with the user.

Plan is to write POC in NodeJS / easy deploy on Heroku / other buildpack systems like DO Apps.

Might also initially implement this as part of Fission server.

Role can be played by a number of things – e.g. MetaMask, desktop app, etc.


More detailed flows between the components being worked on here: