TiddlyWiki Plugins to Include

As we’re releasing the first version of the TW on Fission Github repo, I’m starting to think about how to include Editions and Plugins.

I’ll focus on plugins for this thread. We can curate a list of plugins to bundle in with a TW on Fission Edition, to give people an example of many of the plugins available and how to add their own.

Ideally these plugins would be maintained on Github, but I don’t know how realistic this for the TW community, I haven’t looked yet.

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I was looking for an OpenGraph plugin and found Rich Links http://richlinks.tiddlyspot.com/

Simply type <<richlink "http...">> to reshape the style and function of the link…

The neat thing is: That one command gives different shapes. No need to remember several macro names. The link itself dictates which template will be applied to display it.

From the demos, the Twitter Plugin is definitely another good one to include.

Dave Gifford maintains a DynaList of plugins: TiddlyWiki toolmap - Dynalist

I think the projectify plugin is quite nice and should appeal to many, including the notebook theme of the same dev.
ig, there are pretty cool themes available that make TW look more modern/usable on the mobile.

In this merit: A task for the static site generator that would be awesome to start would be to be easily able to render to an existent TW theme (without editing capabilities) that’s different from the one one is currently using.

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Yeah, Projectify is pretty amazing! I think of that more as an Edition – specifically a TW that one uses just in Projectify mode. But the line between “handful of plugins” and “Edition” seems to be pretty fuzzy. How do you think about this @flori?

Yes, I think this is important. Being able to clearly tell when things are in “not editable” mode.