UtahFS: Encrypted File Storage, Brendan McMillion @ Cloudflare, June 2020

Brendan McMillion @brentwentyten writes on the Cloudflare blog about his implementation of UtahFS:

UtahFS is a state-of-the art encrypted storage solution, meant to be similar to Dropbox. It has a FUSE binding that creates a synthetic drive on the user’s computer that they can interact with like an external hard-drive. Files stored in the drive are uploaded to a cloud storage provider, which means the drive will never run out of space and minimizes the likelihood of any files being lost. However the files are encrypted such that the cloud storage provider knows almost nothing about what’s being stored.

This has a lot of similar ideas to what we’re thinking about at Fission. Note that this isn’t currently being used or offered by Cloudflare directly.

Brendan has written about IPFS related topics for the Cloudflare blog in the past:

June 2019:

Sept 2018:

sounds very much like what Keybase files look like.
I stopped using it since it has been bought out and switch to IPFS Desktop for the time being.
I would like to get all text I write replicated on all my devices but would like to have all the big files on fission.drive.
Pinata, when I tried was hopless upload for videos.
Dive is much better.
It is real magic with IPFS that I can add the video to IPFS desktop can send out the link to friends to watch more or less straight away.

I was a very early adopter of Keybase, though. sad to see it go.
It sure is an opportunity.