UtahFS - Encrypted File Storage, presented by Brendan McMillion

We included UtahFS in the June 17th weekly links, and then reached out to Brendan the creator to come and talk about it.

UtahFS is a state-of-the art encrypted storage solution, meant to be similar to Dropbox. It has a FUSE binding that creates a synthetic drive on the user’s computer that they can interact with like an external hard-drive. Files stored in the drive are uploaded to a cloud storage provider, which means the drive will never run out of space and minimizes the likelihood of any files being lost. However the files are encrypted such that the cloud storage provider knows almost nothing about what’s being stored.

Brendan McMillion @brentwentyten:

Brendan has written a couple of other Cloudglare blog posts that are of interest to people here, including improving the Cloudflare IPFS Gateway and End-to-End Integrity with IPFS.

We also linked to his personal blog on the Macaroons Resources page, which of course are part of how we designed and implemented UCANs.


Join us Thursday, June 25, 2020 4:00 PM

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/116710002 (visit our Discord chat for password).