Victoria Meetup in November 2019 - Shared Car / Seaplane

After the Nanaimo Tech Meetup, we had setup a placeholder Victoria Tech Meetup. Carson from Textile is based there, and is going to take the lead on venue.

Update: this is going to be November 21st — at Watershed Coworking.

Sign up on the Tito page.

For Vancouver people, leave a comment if you want to go over for the day and share a car and/or seaplane. I say either/or, because for an evening event we’ll be too late for the seaplane, so will need to bus back.

I might take a 5 seat Car2go over for the day. Depending on the day, we’ll have two seats available.

Someone could take a second car if there is enough interest, plus mix and match with one way seaplane during the day.

September 19 would work. I could throw my hat in the ring if a 3 ppl needed a ride over. However I can’t guarantee one back as I will prob be staying out there a couple days :grimacing: not fussy on dates really. Let me know what works for everyone and when anything is confirmed. Cheers

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Up to Carson on venue timing. We’ll definitely update when it’s finalized.

Talked to Carson, and the Textile team is busy in September, so we’re going to look at doing this in November.