Upcoming Decentralized Web Talks

We’re organizing weekly video chats on decentralized web topics by the Fission team and invited presenters. It is unlikely to be “lunch” everywhere, so join us over coffee / lunch / after-work beer for casual tech presentations and chat.

We’ll also invite everyone on the call to introduce themselves and share what they’re working on.

Talks happen weekly, the next one is scheduled for: Thursday, March 19, 2020 4:00 PM TZ

Please feel free to edit this page directly to suggest a speaker OR a topic that you’d like to hear from.

Scheduled Talks

Future Speakers / Topics

Carsten Munk

Zippie has 50K+ users and growing in Kenya, using a mobile web app that uses keys, Ethereum, IPFS and more.

  • Zippie Vault is a web browser based key chain using Service Workers allowing the creation of application specific asymmetric cryptographic keys based upon a master seed. https://github.com/zippiehq/vault
  • This plugin simplifies the operation of creating js bundles to be served through IPFS by automatically adding the bundles as part of the webpack build process and injects the applications <script> tags to include the bundle CIDs https://github.com/zippiehq/ipfs-webpack-plugin

Ralph M

  • Software Engineer and drummer. Real-time, federated communication. Chair @XMPP Standards Foundation, pubsub, Python, Twisted, Wokkel. Cloud Tech Lead @elastic
  • @ralphm
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